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  wins had signs of untested ability.

In high makushita, Mongolian youngster Kakuryu (21) managed to get a 5-2 record which turned out to be his ticket to juryo. His sumo was fast and agile, but despite earning the privilege to take part in the dohyo entering ceremony as the only new sekitori in Kyushu basho, his countryman Mokonami was even more impressive. Possibly the best makushita bout of the basho was fought between Mokonami and Homasho. Mokonami had a strong 6-1 basho in Nagoya and now followed up convincingly with another 6-1 losing only to veteran Tamarikido. His sumo had a lot of resemblance to
Hakuho’s sumo and since his body type isn’t far from Hakuho’s, one can’t help but to compare them. Mokonami has a wonderful package of really apt footwork, basic skills, timing and throwing ability. His 6-1 at Ms8 will take him very close to juryo and it is not at all a long shot to predict that he will debut in juryo in January. Homasho is also getting ready for his sekitori career. He has athletic look, is strong and exhibits a balance between yotsu and oshi-sumo. He won his bouts very convincingly only losing that long even seesaw bout against Mokonami and to Satoyama after letting Satoyama play his game. Homasho’s 5-2 at Ms7 after 5-2, 6-1 and 4-3 in three previous basho also bring his oyakata. the former Terao, closer to having his first sekitori in the stable. Homasho doesn’t have much competition in his own stable for now, so Terao himself puts on the mawashi to help his best rikishi practise.

Mihogaseki-beya has been the hottest stable lately due to its very competitive and stimulating intra-stable atmosphere and excellent success in lower divisions. Baruto and Shiraishi both made their debut in juryo in Aki basho and succeeded well. Now the third likely new sekitori is approaching juryo without many bumps on the road. One might have expected some sort of a shallow wall, at least for small Satoyama (175cm, probably less than 115kg), but he refused to cool down. Actually, based on Aki basho results, it was quite the contrary. Satoyama has had steady 5-2 records in makushita for three basho now but picked up pace by storming into 6-1 at Ms12 in the Aki basho. Satoyama only lost to Mokonam,i but beat Homasho. His ability to regain balance and defend against strong rikishi is outstanding. Sometimes, during his defensive phase of the bout, one can only admire his composure and calm – but fast counter measures –

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