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Heya Peek – A couple of hours at Tokitsukaze-beya

by Barbara Ann Klein
oyakata to speak to us during keiko. How taken aback we were when he turned to us and said “Dochira?” – “Where are you from?” Meike and I looked at each other until I said “America, to, Doitsu”. (Germany.) I can't even remember if anything else was said after that, I was so flabbergasted that the oyakata SPOKE to us!

After a while, the former Rijicho started to do crunches – you know, when you're in a sitting position and then you lift your legs and upper body to meet each other with your hands behind your head. We counted at least 100. This from a man in his 60s already, who, over the years had obviously lost a good


And when I say “a couple of hours”, I mean on aggregate. Here's why:

Every basho, Meike and I go to Tokitsukaze-beya. We have a routine. We go to the same selected heya for asageiko (morning practice) during the first week of hon-basho – a week which is now stretching to about 12 days – then, we wing it. We did our “winging” last time with Kitanoumi-beya, which was covered in the previous issue of SFM. But we always go to Tokitsukaze. We have followed Tokitenku since he first entered sumo and one of our group has a “thing” for Tokitsuumi. I'll never te-ell. We followed the career of height-challenged Toyonoshima and were delighted when he reached sekitori. We always liked Aogiyama, now Edagawa oyakata, and Shimotori has always been pleasant and accommodating with us. Now there is another young up-and-comer, Takahashi, whom we have our eye on.

The problem is, it's getting more and more difficult to watch
asageiko at Tokitsukaze-beya. Part of the problem is the current Tokitsukaze oyakata, former komusubi Futatsuryu. When the previous Tokitsukaze oyakata, who was also Rijicho, was heya master, the doors were pretty much open to spectators and Tokitsukaze Rijicho himself was very hospitable to foreigners. When we entered the heya the first time he was actually there, he got up and put zabuton down in the viewing area for us. He was the first

Tokitsuumi and Toyohikari
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