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Heya Peek:
Chiganoura Beya

by John Gunning

there are high hopes for Attila Tóth from Hungary, who goes by the shikona of Masutoo (a combination of his oyakata’s name and his eastern European origins, he told me).

The heya is located just a ten minute walk from the dojo where I train each weekend. It is actually the old Takasago-beya building, and, once inside, I was imagining what it must have been like to be there to watch Konishiki train. The closest station is Minami Senju on the JR Joban or Metro Hibiya lines

Next Home

The second installment in this series was by way of invitation to a chanko dinner at Chiganoura-beya on a day when the wrestlers were not training. The comment I made in my first article about each heya visit being different is certainly ringing true thus far.

First a little background on the heya itself. As those of you who follow sumo closely will be

aware, Chiganoura is the newest stable in sumo. The oyakata is known to have been thinking about setting up his own stable since he lost out to former sekiwake Tochinowaka in the race to take over Kasugano beya two years previously. He was finally able to realize that dream last September. The stable is currently home to six rikishi, none of whom are sekitori, but

Just a month after his arrival in Japan – Masutooh in Hungarian football garb at Chiganoura Beya
Photograph by Mark A. Buckton
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